The Academy of Information Technology (AOIT) at Wootton High School is a program of study that introduces students to the broad career opportunities available in today's digital workforce. The program equips students with personal, analytical, technical, and communication skills needed for success. By providing a new context for learning, the academy helps build the motivation, confidence, and sense of personal worth that will help students from all backgrounds to succeed in high school and beyond. The academy serves students of all abilities. The program has proven particularly effective for those who want to be challenged through the use of technology.


Students in AOIT take at least one class each year of high school. There are three pathways in the AOIT program from which students may select:

Students in All Pathways Must Complete


Either of the following sequences:

Sequence 1
Sequence 2

Information Resource Design Pathway

Network/Hardware Pathway

All of the following:

Grade Levels

In addition to enrolling in one of our AOIT courses each year, students in AOIT at each grade level are provided a variety of grade-level specific activities.


 Presentation in Homeroom on a Current Information Technology Event


Field Trip

Our main activity for the sophomore class is a field trip to an IT related location/attraction. Our trip for school years 2010-2012 was to the NSA Cryptologic Museum. Our trip for school year 2013-2014 is to Carderock.


Sophomores are required to participate in teams in a national computing competition. Typical contests include Verizon's App Challenge.

Homeroom Presentation on Colleges


Resume Workshop

AOIT students are required to attend a mandatory resume workshop, held in mid-October, to begin the process of creating or updating their resumes in preparation for sending them to prospective internship sites. Students that do not attend the mandatory workshop will not receive any assistance in finding an internship placement. If there is a legitimate reason you cannot attend the workshop, an email or note from your parent should be sent. This event is mandatory for all juniors (even those who have already secured an internship).

During the workshop, students will work with AOIT teachers to understand the process of writing a professional resume. Students are given guidelines for constructing a resume that gives a prospective internship provider a snapshot of the student along with the skill sets that each student has acquired through pathway courses.

Students are given a timeline to submit draft resumes, receive feedback on the drafts, and are then provided a final draft due date.

Resumes are sent to prospective internship providers for review and used to place students into their required internships.

Zipped Folder of Resume Workshop 2012 Documents

AOIT Parents are asked to volunteer to review the draft student resumes. Parents are asked to write comments about how to improve the style and content of the resumes. If you would like to volunteer to review some resumes, please contact us via the contact page!

Parent Volunteers

Applying for Internships

The National Academy Foundation (NAF) and MCPS requires that all AOIT students complete an internship using the skills they have learned in their AOIT pathways in order to complete the program.

Mock Interviews

Junior AOIT students participate in mock interviews with local business leaders in order to help them prepare for real internship interviews. Students are expected to dress business casual for this event. They should bring printed copies of their resumes to this event. This event is mandatory for all juniors (even those who have already secured an internship).

Homeroom Presentation on Jobs in IT



Seniors must complete forms and paperwork associated with their internships.

Homeroom Presentations on Internship

12th grade students will present on their internships during homeroom. Grades for this presentation will be incorporated into the senior year internship class grade that students receive. Details and specifications can be found in the document:

Graduating AOIT seniors will be asked to complete exit interviews at the end of the year about their experiences in AOIT.

Exit Interviews

AOIT Graduation

AOIT seniors attend the MCPS National Academy Foundation (NAF) graduation ceremony. This event is separate from the general Wootton High School ceremony. It occurs in the evening prior to the general high school graduation, and is in honor of those MCPS students who have completed a NAF program (AOIT).



The National Academy Foundation (NAF) requires that all AOIT students complete an internship using the skills they have learned in their AOIT pathways. The internship allows students to gain the soft skills of the office environment along with using the skills they have learned in the courses they have taken. Internships must be at least 200 hours in duration and must be compensated in some way.

In this video, some 2017 graduates provide some excellent advice about the process of applying for and securing an internship. Check it out!


While we do all we can to share opportunities to which students may apply, we do NOT guarantee an internship placement. Students should start searching for internships early in junior year. They should apply to as many as possible. We can pass along opportunities, but again, we do NOT guarantee an internship placement. Students are responsible for securing an internship for themselves in order to complete the program. Those students who are unable to secure an internship, will still have gained all the benefits of learning via outside-of-class activities and experience the benefits of a smaller learning community, but will not complete the program.

The Process

  1. Seek out internship opportunities and apply; complete an internship site search documentation form
  2. Secure an internship site and then complete the site information form
  3. Register for their internship on their course registration card
  4. Complete their internship and submit timesheets to document their hours worked
  5. Complete a state form evaluation to be used as a record for the state to prove that hours were completed
  6. Submit the employer evaluation form
  7. Participate in internship seminars and assignments.

Necessary Forms/Documents

Links to Potential Internship Opportunities

The following are links to opportunities for internships. We encourage you to apply to as many internships as possible. Please note, this is just a starting point for your internship search. Your best bet may be to look around the local area and find companies that you can contact directly regarding internship opportunities. We cannot guarantee internships, so you must actively pursue as many opportunities as possible.


Work that students complete through all 4 years of high school will be assessed a letter grade during the class credits they earn associated with internship during their senior year of the program.


In order to join and remain in the Academy of Information Technology, students and parents must agree to adhere to our code of conduct.


When Will I Find Out if I Got In?

We will be contacting students after MCPS spring break.

Who Can Apply?

Students must have already completed or be currently enrolled in Honors Geometry during their freshman year of high school.

If you are already a Wootton student, we accept applications only from FRESHMEN who are currently taking AP CS Principles at the start of the second semester.

How do I apply?

When can I apply?


Apply Online

Online Application

If you have questions about Wootton's AOIT program, please contact us: